Training Programmes

Our fantastic Training Programmes provide both classroom based courses and ‘Lite’ distance learning packages with full and comprehensive knowledge of a range of topics from Debt Recovery to Landlord Protection all with the objective of protecting you and/or your business. With up to date knowledge of processes and procedures, our business and legal experienced trainers will ensure you are fully equipped to deal with the subject matter and save you from paying unnecessary legal fees by having the knowledge and tools to do it yourself. Check out our range of courses and book today. Discounts available for multiple and repeat bookings. Venues across the UK.


* During COVID lockdown we run all our programmes remotely and will send you a link to your chosen email. Simply click on the link and we connect 1:1.

* We have limited our training to 2 hour sessions.

* The cost is £99.00 per training programme. 

* Alternatively you can purchase a training pack without the necessity of the training for £49.99. 


Training Programmes


Recovering a debt before Court action


Small Claims Court System - Debts under £10,000


Court Process; Recovering debts over £10,000


Enforcing a Judgement; How to recover your money after a win in Court


Being Sued? Managing Creditors Training


Domestic Landlord Training


Residential Letting Agent Training


Employment Law Training

Training Packs

Debt Recovery Pack

A distance learning package similar to Course CPT001 that provides an insight into the processes to follow to handle debtors. Following the processes contained within the training pack you should be able to take action to successfully recover debts without the need for expensive legal fees.

Landlord Training Pack

A distance learning package similar to Course CPT006 that provides an insight into the processes to follow to handle the aspects of domestic tenancies. Adhering to the processes contained within the training pack you should be able to effectively manage your tenancies and if necessary follow the right processes and procedures to successfully recover your property.

Why Invest in our programmes?

  • Prevent and take back control of cashflow without having to spend huge sums on lawyer fees
  • Step by step cashflow protection training tailored to your industry and business
  • The programme will cover real life problems and challenges
  • Fixed price for any number of staff
  • It’s interactive, participative and backed with our 90-day support guarantee

At the end of your training you will have:

  • Full and detailed knowledge of systems, legalities and processes to follow
  • Skills and confidence to handle matters yourself
  • The knowledge and ability to follow the legal system and where appropriate to recover outstanding monies
  • Improved systems and processes
  • Tools, knowledge and confidence to implement the training immediately

What you get

  • On site, classroom or distance learning training
  • Workbook packed with notes, templates and guides
  • Continued support to ensure you are satisfied that you have the relevant knowledge to manage processes and procedures
  • Practical and relevant worked scenarios and solutions
  • The benefit of 30 years legal and business experience
  • No boring, text-filled PowerPoint presentations
  • No irritating, irrelevant jargon or unnecessary theory
  • Excellent value for money