Debt Recovery Training Pack

Who Will Benefit?

A distance learning package similar to Course CPT001 that provides an insight into the processes to follow to handle debtors. Following the processes contained within the training pack you should be able to take action to successfully recover debts without the need for expensive legal fees.

Package Details:

This course provides a comprehensive process for delegates to follow to recover outstanding debts. Covering aspects such as the importance of following the pre-action debt protocol for claims, effective letter writing, what steps to follow and what you can do next if the debtor still does not pay. An excellent package for single debts but the processes can be retained and used over again for any future debts that may arise.

'Debt Training Pack' Includes:

  • Debt Protocols for Individuals
  • Letter templates
  • Document Templates
  • Options for handling debtor responses
  • Importance of effective Negotiation
  • Without Prejudice offers
  • Non-Payment Options
  • Next Steps