CPT004: Enforcing a Judgement; How to recover your money after a win in Court

Where does the training take place?

During COVID lock down we simply send you a link. Click on the link at the agreed time and we connect 1:1.

How much does it cost?

The training course will cost you £99.00 and with it a full training pack and a free 60 day consultation after completion of the course.

Can i just have the training booklet?

Yes. This can be provided for a reduced price of £49.99. Send us your contact details and we simply send the pack to you. 

Objectives and Benefits

This Course is designed to give you an in depth knowledge and understanding of the steps that you can take and the relevant enforcement steps to recover a debt when a County Court Judgement has been granted in your favour. By following the processes to enforce a judgement you can successfully recover your money without the need of spending £000’s on solicitor fees.

Course Details:

The course will provide you with an understanding of the options available to you once a County Court Judgement has been granted (CCJ). Considering the enforcement options available, the trainer led course will give you the knowledge and insight of the pitfalls and benefits of each of the enforcement options. 

With an understanding of the options available to you, you can then make an informed decision which enforcement action to choose to maximise your prospects of recovery.

Course Content:

  • Having a defendant questioned in court about their assets
  • Using previous information that you may have gained about the defendant and any assets they have
  • Selecting the right enforcement option such as
    • Freezing bank accounts;
    • Sending in the Bailiff or High Court Sheriff;
    • Placing a charge on the defendant’s premises or land;
    • Getting a party that owes money to the defendant too pay you instead;
    • Getting a charge on a persons income
  • When to consider insolvency or Winding up proceedings