CPT003: Court Process; Recovering debts over £10,000

Where does the training take place?

During COVID lock down we simply send you a link. Click on the link at the agreed time and we connect 1:1.

How much does it cost?

The training course will cost you £99.00 and with it a full training pack and a free 60 day consultation after completion of the course.

Can i just have the training booklet?

Yes. This can be provided for a reduced price of £49.99. Send us your contact details and we simply send the pack to you. 

Objectives and Benefits

This course provides you with the knowledge, tools and confidence of using the small claims Court system and the processes involved to recover debts in excess of £10,000. Once you have completed the course you can follow the process for all future debts that you need to recover. With additional 60 day free support from our experts you can rest assured you will have all the tools to successfully recovery money owed to you.

Course Details:

This course provides a step by step approach to recovering debts using the County Court including Fast Track and Multi Track processes. Training covers the step by step legal process of preparing a case, requesting a court hearing, presenting your case and what to expect when attending court to seek a judgement order to recover your money.

Course Content:

  • Fast Track Process
  • Multi Track Process
  • Civil Procedure Rules
  • Dealing with a Defence
  • Required Documentation
  • Witness Statements
  • Formal Offers
  • Mediation
  • A Trial Bundle
  • Case Review
  • Legal Costs and Implications
  • Barrister Involvement 
  • What to expect at the Hearing