CPT006: Domestic Landlord Training

Where does the training take place?

During COVID lock down we simply send you a link. Click on the link at the agreed time and we connect 1:1.

How much does it cost?

The training course will cost you £99.00 and with it a full training pack and a free 60 day consultation after completion of the course.

Can i just have the training booklet?

Yes. This can be provided for a reduced price of £49.99. Send us your contact details and we simply send the pack to you. 

Objectives and Benefits

This Course is designed for landlords and letting agents managing domestic tenanted properties in the UK, giving delegates a full and up to date knowledge of the all aspects of lettings management from agreements to eviction.

Course Details:

This course is about equipping you with the up to date knowledge of the requirements of domestic landlords and how to legally and effectively manage tenanted properties, protecting rental income and the property itself.

This Course Includes:

  • Agreements
  • Legal Obligations
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Non-Paying Tenants
  • Housing Benefit
  • Recovering Properties
  • Legal Notices
  • Covid Requirements
  • Possession Claims
  • Possession Order
  • Enforcing an Order