£175,000 Recovered With Cash Flow Protection Services

“I’m Ken Stewart and I worked with Cashflow Protection for their help and advice in the recovery of a debt worth approximately £170,000 to a business that I was part of. It was a very complicated contractual dispute resulting in the need to recover money from an Attorney out of the UK Jurisdiction.

The Attorney did his very best to avoid having to repay the money however with the help of Cashflow Protection and their thought process that went into resolving the dispute, the matter settled at a mediation in the UK in favour of the business. The recovery of such a large sum of money was invaluable to the business.

Throughout, they remained very professional, worked hard to help in such a successful outcome using many years of legal knowledge and expertise. I would have no hesitation in recommending Cashflow Protection to any business for their legal knowledge and expertise to improve cashflow and help with training on any aspect of business debts of any size. They have taught at a professional level for many years and the ability to use  their teaching skills with legal expertise is a great way to help any business maintain control of cashflow”.

Ken Stewart

Fantastic Understanding And Advice To Prevent Cashflow Problems

I am an independent Financial Advisor and was recommended to Cashflow Protection Training following a contractual dispute with Lloyds.

They have a great understanding of contractual terms and conditions and extensive legal knowledge in the litigation process on contractual matters. I understand they pass on that expertise to businesses in the management of cashflow and to train in relevant cashflow processes.

I think  they would be a great asset to any business to help train in the management of cashflow and to review contractual terms using a combination of teaching experience and extensive legal knowledge, gained over the years.

PM – Bristol

Excellent Knowledge To Help Prevent Cashflow Problems

The nature of the I.T industry is such that contractual disputes and recovery of outstanding invoices is commonplace. Our company has used  Cashflow Protection to advise generally on all aspects of contractual disputes and to help recover debts owed to the business.

Procedural steps are explained in a clear and straightforward way and they are very approachable in business dealings. I would definitely endorse their legal knowledge to train any business in cashflow recovery and to maintain clear processes.

Phil Pugh

Director @ Adept Communications and Technology

I Would Recommend  Cashflow Protection  to Any Business

I know about Cashflow Protection Training after attending a networking event.

My trade is building, and Joinery and I have used Cashflow Protection Training for advice and guidance generally in connection with my business in connection with outstanding invoices and matters outside my business.

They have a friendly and approachable and happy to give advice and guidance without hesitation.

I would recommend Cashflow Protection Training to any business for advice and guidance and expertise in training and teaching.

Peter Pattinson

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